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LINE GAME presents the world famous Sonic the Hedgehog in
LINE Sonic Dash S!
The world fastest hedgehog dashes through the world of LINE!!

An official game from "LINE" - the free call/messenger app.

[Game description]
Recover the Master Emerald that was snatched away from Dr. Eggman! Numerous enemies and traps will stand in Sonic's way, but Sonic can receive boosts by taking with his cute sidekick – Chao!
Familiar faces such as Tails and Knuckles will also join Sonic along the way.

[How to play]
Controls are easy! Just swipe up/down/left/right to avoid enemies and traps that stands in Sonic's way.

The game will become easier to progress by using items and your support character – Chao. Additionally, you can also borrow a Chao from your friends on LINE!

Progress and score of each session is added to your mileage.
Earn additional bonuses by completing the map stage and beating your friend's score!

Welcome to the world of LINE Sonic Dash S, where there will always be new discoveries and an unique character to develop in this high-speed adventure.
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