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Test your knowledge of medical-surgical nursing with this exciting, new app. As a part of the ClinicalCases app series, the Medical-Surgical Nursing app is perfect for use during exam preparation or as a study tool, providing an engaging approach to learning and revision. This app can be used alongside Lewis’s Medical-Surgical Nursing or as a standalone product.

The complete Medical-Surgical Nursing app contains the following content:

• 22 progressive case studies, with MCQs integrated throughout and rationales provided for all answers. The initial download of Medical-Surgical Nursing includes two case studies: Cardiovascular 1 and Cardiovascular 2.
• 150 flash cards testing the app user on key terms and definitions
• Word games
• Glossary

The initial download includes 2 case studies, flash cards, word puzzles and glossary.

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the right case studies for you with the option to pick and choose from the remaining 20 Case Studies. The following options are available:

1. Purchase all 20 remaining Case Studies
2. Individual Case Study
3. Bundles of 2 Case Studies
•Endocrine 1 and Endocrine 2
•Gastrointestinal 1 and Gastrointestinal 2
•Haematological 1 and Haematological 2
•Integumentary 1 and Integumentary 2
•Musculoskeletal 1 and Musculoskeletal 2
•Neurological 1 and Neurological 2
•Reproductive 1 and Reproductive 2
•Respiratory 1 and Respiratory 2
•Urinary 1 and Urinary 2
•Visual/auditory 1 and Visual/auditory 2

The Medical-Surgical Nursing app is an engaging and alternative way to learn at your own pace – wherever, whenever!
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