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App Name  Run!Run!Hero! - Simple running action sprite RPG

Play with one finger! Adventure in an RPG world!
A casual action RPG with cute 2d sprites debuts on LINE!
Let's Run!Run! together in Run!Run Hero!

◆◇Casual running sprite RPG◇◆
Dropkick enemies that come your way to progress! Break into fever mode by repeatedly
knocking out enmies and connect combos of defeated enemies to raise your high score!

◆◇Get mates at the bar◇◆
Go to the bar and the owner will introduce you to new mates.
Warriors, priests, etc all have abilities that can help you.
Use them wisely to blast your score to new heights!

◆◇Giant bosses block the way◇◆
Giant goblins, salamanders, Ceberus, slimes, etc are waiting for heroes to come and fight! Try hitting their weak points!

◆◇An old-school feel that is super cute!◇◆
Defeat enemies to get EXP and level up. Of course, you can buy items and weapons to raise your power! Take out those bossess!
Enjoy the RPG-like feeling of advancement!

◆◇Easy to adventure with your friends!◇◆
Your friends will sometimes drop into your adventures to help you out! After you finish, give them a little something to thank them. You can also see a fortune for the both of you on that day!

◆◇Game music by Professor Sakamoto◇◆
The real-life game music superhero himself provives the music which is both old-school and new!
The adventure just keeps getting better!

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