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“Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion.”

We reinvented the game of Rock-Paper-Scissors with the new elements that behave accordingly creates a totally new experience of playing. Instead of commonly used gestures one can fight each other with weapons, runes and elements each of which have the additional units for fighting. In addition the player is given a magic element Imb that defeats any other element in the fight.

This game can be played by guessing the tactics of the person you’re playing with, exploiting non-random behavior in opponents. Besides one can win by using the magic element in the fight.

Brief history of the game:

- The game dated back to the time of the Chinese Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD). The game was called shoushiling.
- In Japanese history, the people often played sansukumi-ken, which were ken (fist) games with "the three who are afraid of one another".
- The game seems to have arrived in Europe in the early 20th century and to have become popular by the late 1920s.

Imbrium game was developed for the new generation to continue its long live in the future. Here are the features that make it stand out in the crowd of similar apps:

- Challenging online with your friends via Facebook
- Internet connection is essential
- Play with people around the world and climb the leaderboard
- Totally stunning graphics with animations
- Daily bonuses
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