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Discover new songs and albums in a completely new way.

Browse a world map and be able to check what songs are on top charts in each country.
iTuner Tops gives you access to thousands of top playing musics worldwide in a very innovative way.

It allows you to search:
- Country by country from a set of 100 different countries;
- Check the top 100 most played music each day in each country;
- Check the top 100 successes in the previous month for each country;
- Check the local artists that are hitting the charts in each market;
- Check the songs that are rising to the top positions in the week charts;
- Check albums with discount in your market;
- Check also what music your friends are discovering through the app;

You can listen to a 30 second sample of each music as well as get more details on the artist and album, share them, add them to favorites for later or even go directly to the store to buy them.

Also you can filter by type of music as well as focus on songs or albums
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