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Brace yourself for racing action on LINE!
Blast down endless roads in a mad dash for glory!
Left, right, and jump are the only controls you need to enjoy the classic racing action brought to you by “LINE Go!Go!Go!”.

Go! till your tank runs dry.
The only thing you have to be afraid of is running out of gas.
Drive as fast as you can in a straight line; the farther you go the more points you’ll get.
The game ends when you run out of gas, so be sure to keep an eye on the fuel gauge!

Go!ing is simple: left, right, and jump.
Absolutely ZERO complicated controls to clutter up the gameplay.
The only controls at your fingertips are left, right, and jump, which means you’re ready to race from the moment you roll up to the starting line!

Go! with a colorful cast of drivers and over 50 kinds of vehicles.
Each driver and vehicle is loaded with unique abilities and features.
Find the driver-vehicle combo that best fits your play style.

Go! on and show us your moves!
Leaving your friends in the dust is simply a matter of finesse.
Sneak up behind other racers and slipstream your way to higher speeds.
Get your car as close as you can to the racer in front of you without hitting them and move your car left to right to rack up “Go!Combos”. This increases both your speed and your scores!

Go! along with your LINE friends.
This game has all the great ranking action you’ve come to expect from LINE GAME.
There’s also a Gacha that can only be unlocked by using Friend Points!
The best part is not only can you get items, but this thing also gives out whole race cars!

*The game may not function properly if you have insufficient free memory on your device.
*If the game runs slowly, freezes, or automatically closes, closing any apps running in the background may restore normal functionality.
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