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LINE Touch Monsters is an exciting and simple to play action-RPG. There are over 230 different types of monsters and characters to play with. Borrow your LINE friends' monsters and form teams to experience this awesome adventure together.

What kind of game is it?

Use simple touch controls to go on an exciting adventure.

The action will play out automatically with just a touch of a finger, so you can save your energy for other things. Borrowing your LINE friends' animals and using powerful special skills can both be done with just one tap. Sit back and relax while the action unfolds.

Make your own unique team!

Recruit the various monsters you meet during the game to accompany you on your adventure. There are over 230 different types of characters and monsters for you to use. Power up the characters you like and beat the tough challenges.

Play with your friends!

Borrow your friends' characters and make teams with them. Send friendship points to your LINE friends and help them on their adventures. Invite all your friends and play Touch Monsters together!

Change your characters in a pinch!

You can bring up to 3 of your favorite characters with you on your journey and swap them during battle to get out of sticky situations. Change your characters around to beat the tough challenges!

Fight in the tough-as-nails Unlimited Battle!

Once you've got the hang of adventuring, try out the Unlimited Battle. Beat down as many monsters as you can with your most powerful team. How far can you go?
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