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Custom Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati and Marathi keyboard designed for this app lets you write todo tasks directly in Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi or you can quickly switch to your device’s built-in keyboard to write tasks in English.

Key Features

• Create an unlimited number of projects, tasks and sub-tasks
• Custom Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati and Marathi keyboards along with English
• Mark a task star to give more priority
• Make repeatable task, set reminder or write comments

Creating tasks has never been easier, especially if you’re tired of other todo list app forcing you to write in English. Now you can quickly switch to a Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati or Marathi keyboard to type tasks. If you need to type in English, you can quickly switch back to the English keyboard.

Todo List uses an intuitive user interface designed for iOS 7. You can create projects, tasks, sub-tasks, set a target date, and set your reminder notifications so you'll never forget. Simple as that. Todo List alerts you at your preferred time (for example 5 mins before due time, 2 hours, etc.).

You can even set your tasks to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis, and add notes to your tasks to help you keep on track.

Todo List is simplicity itself.
With Todo List, creating and managing tasks has never been easier. And with the unique feature for Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati and Marathi languages, you'll never again have to manage todo lists in English when you speak and write one of these other languages.
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August 31 2014
December 24 2013