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Introducing Elsevier Clinical Skills an online evidence based training tool which facilitates efficient management of training across departments and trusts.
Designed to meet the needs of the Clinical Skills Coordinator.
Using videos and animations Elsevier Clinical Skills will help you provide training and reinforcement of clinical skills to Nurses and Healthcare assistants at differing levels of experience. The tool can be localised and used either as a stand-alone Learning Management System (LMS), or integrated within your existing systems.
Elsevier Clinical Skills addresses your needs
Training staff on wards is becoming harder and less effective. Elsevier Clinical Skills allows you to regulate and manage training across all areas of your responsibility. A solution to healthcare training needs that does not rely on individuals being able to take time out from practice to develop their skills.
Learning Management System:
•Assign training, track learner progress, usage and results.
•Export learner data for review and analysis.
•Integrate content with your existing SCORM compliant systems.
Content customisation:
•Localise skills in-line with your Trust and organisations protocols and policies.
•Upload or create completely new skills specific to your training programme.
Flexible access:
•Access with single-sign-on across multiple sites.
•Available via desktop, mobile and tablet for all browsers iOS and Android.
Elsevier Clinical Skills helps you to educate and train staff without staff having to attend day courses, and serves as a record for continuing professional development.
150* evidence based skills written by leading academics and nursing professionals
Skill overview:
•Taking learners from start to finish with rationales for the procedures demonstrated in the videos and animations.
•Providing learners with immediate marking and feedback.
•Enables assessors to check staff competencies electronically.
Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and undergraduates can use the tool to easily improve and record their practical nursing skills and learning.
Elsevier Clincal Skills currently requires your organisation to hold a subscription. If you would like to trial the product please visit and view the demo, and then click on the trial tab at the top of the page to allow us to contact you to arrange a trial.
Elsevier Clinical Skills brought to you by the worlds leading provider of science and health information.
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