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My Dashboard by PracticeUpdate

Your free online resource for medical information and expert insight

My Dashboard by PracticeUpdate is tailored to deliver the latest expert curated content based on your area of practice, helping you focus on key updates in the least amount of time. Our experts review and hand-select the most important information from a variety of sources, adding critical insights and context. A unique educational resource, at your fingertips, and completely free.

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Our Process

Our top medical experts meet weekly to review and discuss all relevant literature (journal articles, news, and current topics) and select the most important content in each specialty.

Take-Home Messages

Take-home messages are added to articles to highlight key takeaways and findings. Expert commentaries provide additional insights and guidance on important topics to help you identify critical information quickly and easily, freeing up more time for patient care.

Our Boards

Each PracticeUpdate specialty has its own diverse team of experts who hand select the articles on a weekly basis and give unique multi-specialty perspectives on a single topic. You benefit by receiving several viewpoints on one subject, enabling a more complete and multidimensional learning experience.

Your Dashboard

Open your app to see your Reading List filled with our Editors' Picks as well as all the latest articles, insights, and news that you've come to expect. You can Save articles for future reading so you'll never lose track of your favorites again, and even track your reading History any time you want.

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