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Notes HD for iPhone is a key tool for taking notes and working with PDFs right on the go. Works as a standalone application or as a perfect supplement for your Notes HD for iPad and Notes HD for Mac. Start now ►►

Wherever you are, whatever you do - catch ideas right on the spot:
- put remarks under newly taken pictures,
- make a raw draft of your just imagined project,
- work with the lists of your tasks and numerous purchases,
- write down a new recipe,
- and! share your notes with your friends and colleagues instantaneously.
You can either type your notes or scribble them down using stylus or finger.

In a hurry to complete annotation of PDF document? Do it in between meetings or lectures, while waiting in the airport or when riding on the back seat of a car.

A wide range of tools (pen, pencil, highlighter, felt pen, fountain pen and brush) and a nice palette of colors are always at your disposal to set a great mood in any of your notes. Different paper templates will help you complete specific tasks.

Use the app together with Notes HD for iPad to work on the details of the projects drafted on the go. And give a big screen view to your finished drawings, presentations, diagrams etc. with Notes HD for Mac. iCloud sync will help you work on all the devices.

Expand your opportunities with Notes HD for iPhone and never lose a chance to note down your precious insights. Start now ►►
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