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Would you like your kid to play and learn at the same time? Super Fun Learning For Kids is a set of educational games for your preschool and kindergarten children. The app takes the kids through different life scenes and provides continuous fun! You can also play with your child or let them explore on their own.

How it works? Have a look at the presented object, then search through everything you see on the screen and find a matching object to make a good pair. Entertaining and easy to play games will help your child explore the world, learn new things as well as keep children calm and occupied for hours!


- Preschool & kindergarten games and activities
- Classic interactive, fun and educational mini games
- All games are easy to play and designed for youngest ones - 1 to 5 years old kids.
- Fundamental Skills: Shapes, Colors, Fruits, Size Comparison, Visual Scanning, Matching Quantities, Matching ABC's, Memory & Recall, Recognizing numerals, Sense of quantity, Counting up to 10
- Introduction to Geometry: Shape Building, Story Telling, Coloring Shapes, Sense of Space, Pattern Matching.
- Social & Emotional Learning: Social Environment, Playground, Food Items, Animals, Chess Figures, Clothes and Much More!
- Math: Number Sequence, Counting and Tracing Numbers
- No internet required!

If you like Super Fun Learning For Kids, please write us a review on iTunes. Your support would greatly help us make the application even better! We appreciate your suggestions - email our support team how we can make the app better.
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