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From the publishers of iCreate magazine comes Tips and Tricks Volume 1: Mac Edition, the ideal app for Mac users wanting to create and edit using a range of software solutions available for OS X.

First the app guides you through editing images in OS X, with step-by-step tutorials to using Pixelmator, Aperture, PhotoDirector5, TouchRetouch and Light Table. Next you’ll find advice on how to get the most of out great video-editing software such as Premiere Elements and Final Cut Pro, before the third section takes you onto how you can use your Mac for amazing creative projects, both musical and visual. The fourth and final section of the app covers tips and tricks for increasing the efficiency of your Mac use. All of this great content is rounded off with a quiz testing your knowledge of Mac-driven creativity.

Inside, you’ll learn how to:

• Edit images with PhotoDirector5
• Develop double exposure images
• Create a night scene from any photo
• Apply a vignette effect in Final Cut
• Build and use video adjustment layers
• Make a post with SimplyMpress
• Create lens flare and light burst effects
• Work with the Drum Kit Designer in Logic Pro X
• Control your Mac with Terminal
• Back up and share files with LiveDrive
• And much more

The app is universal and displays beautiful, crisp, readable text that responds to the device you're using. So if you're reading this guide on your iPhone it will be just as easy to follow.

There's a great quiz at the end of the app so you can test yourself. You can even share your score on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail.
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