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From the creators of Web Designer magazine, this new guide contains everything you need to know to get you immersed into the world of cloud computing, from being able to access your files on the move to streaming TV shows and films wherever you are, playing games with your friends or streaming music directly to your device - this app covers it all!

This guide contains over 90 tutorials and includes:
• Apple iCloud - Sync your iDevices so they all converge into one online space
• Google and Android - Explore Google Drive, Google+ and much more
• Amazon - Use you Cloud Drive to access your purchases everywhere
• Entertainment - Amazon Instant Video, Plex, OnLive and so much more!

The app is universal and displays beautiful, crisp, readable text that responds to the device you're using. So if you're reading this guide on your iPhone it will be just as easy to follow.

There's a great quiz at the end of the app so you can test yourself. You can even share your score on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail.
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