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The wait is over! Dive into the puzzle adventure of a lifetime with all the LINE characters! Are you Ready to be hooked on the new LINE characters puzzle game?

New Release Event
Send Friend Invites and get a 3D LINE character!
It's for a limited time only, so you'd better get a move on!

Cony, Brown, Moon, James, the Boss and Jessica were just chillin' on their holiday cruise when they were caught up in a sudden storm that swept them away to a magical world. Embark on a sweet adventure with your LINE Friends and find the missing characters!

What kind of game is LINE Sweets?
It's an enticing puzzle game where you use the LINE characters' special abilities to clear stages and move through the map. Venture into the mysterious land of Sweetopia with your LINE Friends!

Don't let the LINE characters starve!
Feed them the sweets they want to activate their special abilities and cruise through the different stages. You can get LINE characters using Coins or by sending Friend Invites!

Play along with your LINE Friends!
Pump up your gaming experience by inviting friends, sending them presents and collecting Friend Points! Have a go at the Friend Box to get free items! You'll get to draw from it once a day even if your LINE Friends haven't started playing this awesome game yet. Let them catch up to you later!

It's a whole new world of stages and special features!
Ready for an epic 90-stage adventure filled with mouth-watering sweets? Step up to the plate and become the Sweets Master!

Normal sweets: Simply match up three or more.
Coin Blocks: Eliminate them and get some Coins! Ka-ching!

Special Blocks:
-Rainbow Rings: Blow up a 3x3 area just like that. Puff!
-Rainbow Crosses: Blow up sweets in a cross shape.
-Rainbow Candy: Bam! Bursts all of the same kind of sweets.

Obstacle Blocks:
-Pretzels: Can't be moved. Match up the sweets inside this savory trap to get rid of it.
-Bomb Blocks: Careful with these. When the counter reaches 0, it's game over for you .
-Black Coffee: Burst surrounding sweets and you'll be left with an Empty Coffee Mug.
-Empty Coffee Mug: Burst surrounding sweet and only the Saucer will remain.
-Saucer: Burst surrounding sweets and voilà... it's gone!

Keep on the lookout for new stages and features and may the Sweet force be with you!
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