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NME has been with the Monkeys every step of their amazing journey: from the internet sensation huddled in cramped rehearsal studios in Sheffield to mask-wearing mystery men, to desert desperados, to rip-snorting rock'n'roll wild-men on US road trips full of limos and glitzy parties, We raid the archive for the most revealing, intriguing and all-access interviews, and every major feature is reprinted to give the most comprehensive Arctic Monkeys story ever told. Plus: amazing photos that chart the Monkeys' development from snotty schoolkids to stylish rock heroes, and their changing look in the studio, on the road and on stage at the biggest festival shows. We also get inside Alex Turner's heart, mind and trousers to dissect his most fascinating lyrics. And we revisit and reassess every album, side-project and EP to get the ultimate 2013 take on the band of the century. Does 'Whatever You Say I Am...' deserve to be the fastest selling debut album ever? Is 'Humbug' a forgotten classic? How does 'AM' stand up to such a formidable legacy? Find out inside.
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