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**SPECIAL OFFER - ONLY 69p/99c for a limited time only** From the creators of iCreate magazine, this great new guide contains everything you need to know to get started with Final Cut Pro on your Mac.

Starting with the very basics of importing photos and videos, editing and organising, you'll discover how to create amazing movies, and how to get the best from this fantastic video-editing suite.. Learn how to add animated titles and graphics, record voice-overs, add effects and much more.

This guide contains 20 tutorials covering the following topics:

• Add freeze frames to your videos
• Master green-screen editing
• Apply amazing effects
• Compress and back-up your projects

The app is universal and displays beautiful, crisp, readable text that responds to the device you're using. So if you're reading this guide on your iPhone it will be just as easy to follow.

There's a great quiz at the end of the app so you can test yourself. You can even share your score on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail.
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