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The Free Call and Messaging App LINE Finally Comes to iPad!

LINE can be used anywhere and anytime to make free calls and send messages to your loved ones and friends.

With the iPad version of LINE you can…
- Communicate with the app using a large, luxurious display.
- Check LINE while browsing the internet or watching a movie.
- Use the iPad version while at home, the smartphone version while on the go, and the PC version while at work!

The Main Features of LINE
- Send free messages anytime, anywhere.
- Make chats even more interesting with LINE stickers.
- Share image and videos or send voice messages and even location information!

Please Note
- The iPad version of LINE can only be used if you have created an account with the smartphone version. Please download the smartphone version of LINE at and create an account before using the iPad version.
- Some features of the smartphone version of LINE, such as voice and video calls, the Sticker Shop, and the Timeline are not supported.

Recommended System Environments
- iPad 2 or above
- iOS 7 or above

Please perform version updates or new installs on the above recommended system environments. If you are using an older version of iOS on your iPad, please update to the most recent version.
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