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Create your selfie avatar with more than 2,000 free items and make billions of combinations.
Mini is the best free avatar creator ever and everything is for free!

Create an avatar that looks exactly like you and share it with friends through Facebook and Twitter!
You’ll be surprised by how cute you look when you transform into your own virtual avatar.

Mini is a compact version of LINE PLAY, a popular avatar communication service app.
LINE PLAY has over 16 million users worldwide and continues to be the best avatar communication service around.

The main features of Mini:

• Create a look-alike avatar:
- Take a selfie and create an avatar that looks just like you!
- You can also customize avatars to make them look even more special.
- What if you were a boy, girl or even an animal?
In Mini, you can create avatars in all three types.

• Dress up your avatar:
- Just swipe through countless free items to dress-up your avatar in different styles.

• Shake & make multiple avatars:
- In your avatar gallery, you can always add more photos of avatars.
- Just shake your phone to get cool random avatars.
- Create avatars of your friends and share.

• Show off your avatar:
- Customize the background of each photo to make it look professional.
- Tap to see your avatar pose like a model!
- Show off your avatar to your friends via Facebook, Twitter and more.
- Enjoy your one and only avatar! It’s just as unique as you are!
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