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"Overall, this is a great and engaging app" Geeks with Juniors

The Amazing Quest is an interactive adventure game.
Help your hero find an amazing treasure by putting together the various pieces of the story's puzzle.
The Amazing Quest - The Forgotten Treasure - will take your child (boys and girls) on an interactive adventure across five varied and colorful environments.

Discover dozens of costumes, environments, games and many more surprises in The Amazing Quest !

Skill, logic and observation will be necessary in order to discover the forgotten treasure.

Discover and travel to incredible environments in order to unravel the alternate versions of the story:

- Pirates' World: The Caribbean Treasure
- The Middle Ages: The Dragon's Lair
- Far West: The Abandoned Mine
- Egypt: The Pharaoh's Tomb
- Asia: The Forgotten Temple

Choose your hero (girl or boy) from 10 different possibilities and 40 unique costumes.

Are you ready to recover the forgotten treasure ?

Text and audio: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Turkish and Dutch

Chocolapps apps promote your child's development because they help to improve observation and concentration skills, and give your child a sense of independence.

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March 01 2015