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Over the last 60 years, the field of materials science has grown and expanded beyond its foundations, and in the last ten years nowhere has the growth of the field been more substantial as within Asia. In keeping with the Materials Today mission to aid the creation and sharing of materials science knowledge and experience, we are proud to announce the Materials Today Asia conference, taking place over four full days from 9th-12th December 2014 at City University, Hong Kong and chaired by Professor C. T. Liu.

The conference will bring together hundreds of leading researchers to share and discuss cutting edge research and engage in high level debate, and will include 24 invited plenary and keynote presentations, up to 72 contributed oral presentations and over 100 poster presentations from researchers in academia and industry.

Materials science stands at the forefront of modern technology, spanning every facet of 21st century life including advanced electronics, construction, healthcare, and the quest to develop sustainable and clean sources of energy. Using Elseviers new app, you can browse the scientific programme by days, topic or speaker, create your own personal programme, locate rooms and exhibitor stands on the floor plans, and more. Before first use, you'll need to download the latest conference data and then afterwards, you can use the app offline.
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