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The global hit ""Wooparoo Saga"" officially launches on LINE!
Battle together with Wooparoos to purify the world.
Devise strategies to dominate the battlefield! Play now for free!

● Play to your heart's content through 600 full-scale stages!
Each of the 600 stages is like a puzzle to be solved!
Devise strategies and level up your Wooparoos to dominate the battlefield!
Encounter bosses as you make your way forward, and recruit them as allies after defeating them!
Powerful bosses await... Will you be strong enough to defeat them?!

● Different Modes Keep Battles Fresh!
Wooparoo Saga features a variety of battle modes and a grand scale that's sure to suck you in!

• Skirmish Mode
Eradicate your opponent with limited numbers!

• Assault Mode
Destroy your opponent's army with limitless waves of Wooparoos!

• The Infinite Arena
Hold out as long as you can against your foe's unending barrage!

• Warfare Mode
A single battle of power where all Wooparoos are deployed at once!

• The Real-Time Arena
Engage in real-time PvP with opponents, including your LINE friends!

● Upgrade and Evolve 500 Wooparoos!
With 500 to choose from,
there's no shortage of cute, cool, and unique Wooparoos!
You're sure to find a Wooparoo you like!
Each Wooparoo can be evolved up to three or four times!
Evolve your favorite Wooparoos for cool new looks!

● Create Your Own Decks to Suit Your Strategy!
Strength alone is not enough!
Devise tactics that take advantage of each Wooparoo's unique abilities!
Out-strategize and take down opponents stronger than you!
Proper preparation will ensure victory on each stage!
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