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LINE TOYS, the fresh take on match 3 puzzles, where the puzzle pieces move!

Match the dolls as they move left and right on conveyor belts!

The Plot:
One fine day, to cheer up his friend who was feeling lonely, Edward the inventor decided to invent a doll-making machine. When Edward's friends heard he had finished the machine, they decided to throw a party.

But during the party, DUH-DUN-DUH-DDDUuuunNNNN! An evil wizard suddenly appeared, and whisked away Edward's machine!

But we won't let him get away! Join Brown, Cony and their friends on a quest to bring back Edward's machine!

In the name of truth, justice, and toys for everyone!

Game Introduction:

- Jump in, it's easy to play! Just move the toy dolls around to make matching rows of 3!

- A moving pieces puzzle game! Match the dolls as they go left and right!

- Simple to play, but with tons of depth! Loads of missions and ways to play!

-A long lineup of LINE characters all dolled up in cute costumes just waiting for you!
-Travel to strange lands like the Ice World or the Mysterious Forest where strange mushrooms grow!

Dive into the fantasy world of LINE Toys with your friends!
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