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A fun puzzle game where you park a variety of different vehicles in the right parking space. But watch out: the more vehicles you park, the faster and different they come!

Key Features
• Vehicles come in many exciting varieties: cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and even tractors and horses.
• A simple interface makes the game easy to play for players of all ages and skill levels. Just slide the vehicle into the parking space with your fingers.
• An online leaderboard will let you see how you compare to other players, pushing you to reach more challenging levels.

How To Play Parking
Parking is a game of concentration. Vehicles enter from the top and you have to slide them into to a parking space designed for that vehicle. The more vehicles you park, the faster the vehicles come—but that’s not the real challenge.

As you park the vehicles, you must keep an eye on the parking spaces, as they will randomly change to accept a different type of vehicle. So not only do you have to park an ever-increasing pace of vehicles, but you have to keep track of a changing set of parking spaces.

This is a wonderfully fun way to improve your concentration. (And concentration is an important life skill.) If you lose focus for even a second, you might miss a parking spot change and end up parking a vehicle in the wrong spot.

Competitive Parking
Besides great music, sound effects, and beautiful graphics, parking will keep track of your progress. Earn achievements for your accomplishments and see your name on the global leaderboard if you can concentrate long enough to become a world parking champion.

There is no better way to practice concentration and have fun at the same time.
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