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> Make you own ice cream & cupcake for the Spring Fair Party! Surprise them with your creativity!
> TONS of ingredients are provided for you to make delicious ice cream & cupcake!
> Start cooking & get prepared for the Spring Fair Party now!!

What's the first thing you think of when you think about spring? A picnic box lunch, of course! With Junior Chef: Spring Fair Kitchen, you can prepare your very own spring picnic lunch box, complete with dessert, ice cream treat, and sweet candy! Mix and bake the food from scratch, then decorate and arrange everything for the perfect picnic lunch box out in the warm spring air. Celebrate the new season by making a meal you can share with friends!

The best fair food is the kind that makes you smile, and Junior Chef: Spring Fair Kitchen is packed full of grins! Create your favorite picnic lunch box meal from scratch by creating cupcakes milk shakes, ice cream treats and more, all by using the best ingredients and blending them on your own. Craft each piece of the meal one by one, bake it in the oven, then get ready for the decorations!

Toppings turn ordinary dessert into extraordinary dessert. Nothing says sweet like ice cream snacks with sprinkles on top! Complete your spring picnic lunch box with the tastiest, most beautiful iced dessert in the world, complete with candy frosting topping that's all the colors of the rainbow. It's easy to decorate your snack with all kinds of extras. Just tap to choose, tap to design, then tap to enjoy.

- Create the perfect spring picnic lunch box from scratch.
- Bake cupcakes, mix milkshakes, make sweet ice cream treats.
- Decorate each dessert by hand.
- Place everything in the box and head out into the spring air!

How to Play:
- Use the touch screen to mix the ingredients for your tasty treat.
- Bake each sweet treat in the oven until it's piping hot.
- Choose toppings and decorate for a beautiful spring picnic lunch box!


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