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****MESSAGE*****My Little Pony Magical Mysteries will be retired from the Apple App Store very soon, but fear not, you will still be able to play with Twilight Sparkle and all her pony friends. Look out for our brand new app: MY LITTLE PONY COLOURING ADVENTURES, coming out next week. This version of the app does not use Augmented Reality, so you will be able to just download and play!

My Little Pony Magical Mysteries is a collection of all-new adventures for Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Each book in the series tells of a new mystery in the land of Equestria. Join the pony friends as they tackle them all using the power of friendship.

*****IMPORTANT*****This app works in combination with the My Little Pony Magical Mysteries book collection. With each new book you will collect a different gem to open a new app location to explore in Equestria and restore its mysterious Enchanted Horseshoe.

Hold your phone or tablet above the magic stickers and special pages of the books that have a magnifying glass symbol. Images will come to life and you'll discover hidden goodies to use in the app locations and collect the Enchanted Horseshoe's gems.

To subscribe to the publication, and to download Book 1 for free, please visit You can also download a PDF version of Book 1 for free from inside the app.
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