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Sun Day Length - how long is the day today.

The tilt of the earth is responsible for the changes observed in day length over the course of the year. Fluctuations in day length are most pronounced at the poles, and vary very little at the equator. During spring and autumn, when the earthТs axis is neither pointing toward nor away from the sun, day and night are effectively equivalent in length at all points on the globe. When the northern hemisphere is experiencing spring and days are growing longer, the opposite is occurring in the southern hemisphere. Conversely, when the northern hemisphere is approaching autumn, days are beginning to get longer in the southern hemisphere.

With this app you can get information about length of a day at any location. The app also shows sunrise and sunset times, civil, nautical twilight, golden hour at selected date.

If you want to learn about the Moon, please refer to Deluxe Moon Pro for iPhone or Deluxe Moon HD for iPad.
For moon gardening tips refer to Moon Gardening app.


[+] Universal app for iPhone and iPad
[+] Modern design
[+] The tables shows the length of a day at any date
[+] Sunrise and sunset times for selected date
[+] Nautical and civil twilight times.
[+] Golden hour for photographers
[+] Sun compass
[+] Current location detected by GPS.
[+] iOS 8 widget with sun compass

We appreciate your input. Please help us make this application better Ц visit our website to see more screenshots and videos and let us know what new features you would like to see.
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