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An enhanced version of the classic game of Memory where you have to find pairs of objects by revealing them one at a time. The catch is that if you guess wrong, the objects will bounce around and make your next guess more challenging.

Key Features
• Improves memory: the entire game depends on using your memory, so it’s great for anyone who wants to challenge and improve their memory.

• Builds spatial relation skills: objects in the game move following two-dimensional physics, like a game of pool billiards. This makes the game more rewarding for children learning about how objects move, and also makes it more fun for players of all ages.

• Allows competition: with a built-in scoring system and online statistics, you can easily see how well you compare against other players across the world.

How Find Da Pair Works
You start with a arranged board of colored pieces. By tapping on a piece, its icon is revealed—there are letters and illustrations. Tap on another piece, and if the two pieces are matched, they disappear from the board.

If the two pieces don’t match, their icons are hidden again and the pieces are bounced around so that it’s challenging to figure out what piece went where. Then you guess again to try to find a matching pair.

With 100 levels of various difficulty, plus background music and sound effects, there’s no end to the challenges or to the fun that can help you improve your memory
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