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This is one summer camp unlike any other. As a brave young scientist, you have the opportunity to go on a cool dig at a archaeologist camp, but there's a big catch: you get to help bring to life real dinosaurs! Dig up the ancient fossils to discover what dinosaur is hiding in the dirt. Once you're done, hatch your very own dino egg! The infant will need lots of care just like any other baby so you better be prepared to own a pet. Watch your dino grow as your raise it. You can even dress it up! All your friends will be jealous of your cool new pet. This is one adventure you'll never forget!

Product Features:
Cool archaeology game featuring dinosaurs!
Easy to use controls to take care of your dino.
Dig to discover new kinds of dinosaurs.
Your very own pet! From egg to infant, take care of a baby dinosaur.
Pick out cute clothes to dress up the dino.
Kids learn about archaeology and dinosaurs while having fun!

How to Play:
Use interactive controls to play the game.
Become a scientist and go on a fun dino dig.
Be brave! Go into the unknown by raising your own dinosaur!
Take care of and dress up the baby dinosaur while it grows up.
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August 01 2015