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Have you seen the news? Britain's newest princess has been born! This precious bundle of joy needs your help! Are you ready? Come care for this special baby girl!

The whole country is watching the baby girl and royal family, and her parents need your help to take care of her. To make sure the little princess stays happy and healthy, you'll have to care for her and give her all the love she needs! In each mini game, help care for the baby girl by cleaning her, feeding her, and more. The country and family are depending on you to help this pretty princess be ready for the spotlight because the whole country loves her!

Product Features:
- Princess themed baby care game.
- Easy to use controls for kids to play.
- Take care of the royal baby when she's born by playing mini games.
- Help the family have a happy baby by cleaning her, feeding her, and playing with her!
- Make sure the little princess is ready to meet her country!
- Let the country fall in love with the princess!

How to Play:
- Use interactive controls to take care of the baby girl.
- Once the baby is born, keep the baby, her family, and her country happy.
- Take care of the princess: feed her, clean her, and play with her in each mini game.
- Fall in love with the sweet baby princess as you take care of her!

Download & play it now, it's FREE! Don't miss out kids!
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