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Lets begin your journey as a car transport truck driver in american truck driving simulator game. Show your truck driving skills and prove yourself as a best car cargo transport truck driver. Carry the freight and deliver it to the required destination as a responsible car cargo truck driver in this american cargo truck transporter driving game. Face distinctive kind of troubles in all missions with boldness and complete the missions to get scores and open the overwhelming american transport cargo car transport truck.

Experience and enjoy the most thrilling car truck driving game and safely deliver the car cargo to the destination in this american truck cargo transport driver simulator game. Choose the shortest and safest way as a responsible car truck driver to deliver the things on time. Use techniques to avoid the traffic. There is a time limit in which the truck driver have to deliver the cargo items to the destinations. Complete challenging missions and collect rewards as well as earn coins and make your american car cargo truck get upgraded. Face different difficulties in all missions with bravery and complete the missions to get scores and unlock other upgraded american cargo car trucks.

Perform good truck driving skills. The real truck driver can enhance his truck driving abilities by this american cargo car transport driving simulator game. Enjoy the thrilling truck driving experience and let's begin the journey and prove yourself as a real responsible american truck car cargo transport driver in this truck transport driving game.


Best car cargo truck driving simulator game.
Smooth control gameplay.
Deliver the cargo truck, complete missions and get rewards.
Upgrade the truck.
Show your transport truck driving skills.
Amazing HD graphics.
Realistic 3D environment.
Explore different environments.
Featured map is provided.
Best background sound effects.
Unlock different and real cargo grand truck accessories.
Variety of trucks to get unlocked.
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