iconHeart Rate PRO
iconMeasuring Tape PRO
iconPocket Glasses PRO
iconNight Vision Camera
iconMagnetic Detector PRO
iconFRYY - how to cook a steak
iconTape Measure AR
iconRemote for Mac
iconHandy Tools for DIY PRO
iconMagnifying Glass PRO
iconDocument Scanner +
iconSpeed Radar Gun PRO
icondB Decibel Meter PRO
iconLight Lux Meter
iconSecret Photo PRO
iconNight Vision Camera LITE
iconE − Food Scanner
iconShade Spotter Alarm - Hardest Alarm
iconAlfabet Teatru
iconTape Measure LlTE
iconDocument Scanner LITE
iconPhone Genius - check battery, ping, RAM, CPU, WiFi, storage & more
iconSleep Talking app - night noise recording
iconMagnifying Glasses LITE
iconHeart Rate LITE
iconMagnetic Detector LITE
iconEuromoji - Euro 2016 Finals Emojis
iconCSGOmoji - CS:GO stickers keyboard
iconTower Fall: Robot Fighting
iconLux Light Meter LITE
iconSpiderFRIEND - virtual 3D spider pet for kids
iconPunchy YEET - 8bit vine boxer
iconWeed Stickers for Stoners
iconMORSE Light PRO - handy morse code encoder and transmitter
iconGold Detector - precious metal purity test
iconFinger Paddler : Duck Army
iconHandy Tools for DIY LITE
iconCalorie Scanner
iconBaby Sleep Monitor - noise level detector for parents and future moms & dads
iconWashtag - care tags scanner
iconCALXY - smart calculator on your wrist
iconAds Blocker Pro.
iconMeasuring Tape AR LITE
iconUnits Converter PRO - Exchange Rates & Currency Conversions
iconSnail Clickers: Ridiculous Tap Racing Game!
iconI ate colors
iconGravity: Planet Rescue
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iconElection 2016 Stickers
iconNoise Control - loudness level monitor & silencer
iconChristmas Countdown - days left to Xmas
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iconBackpack Challenge 2016
iconSecret Photo LITE
iconDesert Drive